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                                          Changzhou Jintan Qunle Chemical Auxiliary Research Institute



                                          Quality First, Customer First

                                          Lianyungang Qunle Chemical Co., Ltd. originally is Jintan Qunle Chemical Auxiliaries Research Laboratory. Now, it is located in Lianyungang Guanyun Lingang Industrial Zone, Provincial Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. Our company has higher professional and technical personnel and advanced product analysis test means. Among these, there are one senior engineer, five engineers and eight technicians. The products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

                                          Great Accessibility

                                          It is located in Lingang Industrial Zone, Guanyun County, Lianyungang, a provincial chemical park in Jiangsu Province. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America and Southeast Asia countries and regions.

                                          Production R&D

                                          It has a high level of professional and technical personnel and advanced product analysis and testing methods, including 6 engineers and 8 technicians.

                                          Good Service

                                          We work with friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow with our excellent products, reasonable prices and dedicated service.

                                          Quality Assurance

                                          A formal laboratory, analysis room, and product pilot test room have been established, and product quality has been strictly controlled.



                                          ?  Molecular formula: C9H9ClO

                                          ?  CAS No.: 34841-35-5

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                                          ?  Molecular formula: C15H14O

                                          ?  CAS No.: 102-04-5

                                          MORE >>

                                          o-Bromobenzyl cyanide

                                          ?  Molecular formula: C8H6BrN

                                          ?  CAS No.: 19472-74-3

                                          MORE >>

                                          2,5-Dimethylbenzyl cyanid

                                          ?  Molecular formula: C10H11N

                                          ?  CAS No.: 16213-85-7

                                          MORE >>

                                          3-Methoxyphenylacetic aci

                                          ?  Molecular formula: C9H10O3

                                          ?  CAS No.: 1798-09-0

                                          MORE >>

                                          4-Bromophenylacetic acid

                                          ?  Molecular formula: C8H7BrO2

                                          ?  CAS No.: 1878-68-8

                                          MORE >>

                                          2-Bromophenylacetic acid

                                          ?  Molecular formula: C8H7BrO2

                                          ?  CAS No.: 18698-97-0

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                                          ?  Molecular formula: C8H6Cl2O2

                                          ?  CAS No.: 6575-24-2

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                                          ?  Molecular formula: C10H11O2

                                          ?  CAS No.: 13612-34-5

                                          MORE >>


                                          ?  Molecular formula: C10H11BrO2

                                          ?  CAS No.: 32454-35-6

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                                          repay employees and benefit the society

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                                          Lianyungang Production Base:

                                          Add: Lingang Industrial Zone, Yanweigang Town, Guanyun Country, Lianyungang

                                          P.C.: 222223

                                          Tel: +86-13306140398 , +86-518-88582398

                                          Fax: +86-518-88582198



                                          Jintan Production Base:

                                          Add: No. 1, ShuiHuang Road, Shuibei Town, Jintan District, Changzhou

                                          P.C.: 213200

                                          Tel: +86-519-82553398 , +86-18921020798

                                          Fax: +86-519-82553292


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